service agreement

This agreement is made between you (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "your") and BWFX.
1. Agreement conditions
BWFX reserves the right to decide, modify or change these Terms of Use at any time. BWFX will notify the changes by updating the revised terms on the platform and modifying the [Latest Revision Date] displayed on this page. Any and all modifications or changes to the Terms of Use will take effect immediately after being published on the website or sent to users. Therefore, you continue to use BWFX's services, which means that you accept the revised agreement and rules. If you do not agree to any modification of the Terms of Use, please stop using this service immediately. BWFX expects you to review these Terms of Use frequently to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions applicable to your access to and use of this service.

2. Qualifications
By registering to use the BWFX account (as defined in Section 5 below), you represent and guarantee that you (a) have reached the age of 18 or reached the legal age for entering into binding contracts according to applicable laws; (b) It is an individual, legal person or other organization with full legal capacity and authorization to conclude these Terms of Use; (c) It has not been suspended or disqualified from using the service before; (d) You don't have a BWFX account at present. If you are an employee or agent of a legal entity and sign these Terms of Use on its behalf in this capacity, you represent and guarantee that you have all necessary rights and authorizations to bind the legal entity; (e) You are a non-US user.

3. Prohibition of use clause
By accessing and using this service, you represent and guarantee that you are not listed in any trade or economic sanctions list (such as the sanctions list of the United Nations Security Council), designated as a "specially designated national" by OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury Department), or listed in the "Denied Transaction Object List" of the U.S. Department of Commerce. BWFX reserves the right to choose the market and jurisdiction to conduct business, and may restrict or refuse to provide this service in certain countries at its own discretion.

4. Account registration
All users using this service (hereinafter referred to as "users") must apply for registering an account with BWFX before using this service. When registering an account, you must provide your real name, email address and password, and accept the terms of use, privacy statement and consent form. BWFX may refuse to open an account for you at its sole discretion. You agree to provide complete and accurate information when opening an account, and to update any information you provide to BWFX in time to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the information. Each registration is only for one user, and each user (including any user belonging to an enterprise or legal entity) can only open one BWFX active account.

5. Service usage guide
A. Permission
BWFX grants you a revoked, limited, royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license to access and use this service for your own internal purposes through your computer or Internet-compatible equipment. You may not use this service for resale or commercial purposes, including trading on behalf of others or entities. All the above-mentioned uses are expressly prohibited and constitute a serious violation of these terms of use. The content arrangement, format, functions and access rights of this service shall be stipulated by BWFX. BWFX hereby reserves all rights not expressly granted by these Terms of Use. Therefore, you are hereby prohibited from using this service in any way not expressly authorized by these Terms of Use.

B. restrictions
When you use this service, you agree and promise to abide by the following provisions:
During the use of this service, all your activities will comply with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations and various guiding principles of BWFX;
Iii. Your use of this service will not violate the public interest, public morality or the legitimate interests of others, including taking any action that will interfere, disturb, negatively affect or prohibit other users from using this service;
You agree not to use these services for market manipulation (such as price-raising, wash sale, self-trading, early trading, cancellation of orders, fraud or layered ordering, whether prohibited by law or not);
Unless the written consent of BWFX is obtained, the following commercial activities using BWFX data are prohibited:
1) Trading services using BWFX quotation or market bulletin board information.
2) Use BWFX's data feed or data stream service for any market data.
3) Any other websites/applications/services that charge for market data obtained from BWFX or make commercial profits in other ways (including through advertising or referral fees).

6. Comply with local laws
Users are responsible for complying with local laws related to their local use of BWFX services. Users must also consider all aspects of taxation according to local laws, including withholding, collection, reporting and remittance to their corresponding tax authorities. All users of BWFX and any of its services confirm and declare that its funds come from legal sources and are not generated from illegal activities. BWFX adheres to the attitude of cooperation with law enforcement agencies around the world, and will not hesitate to seize, freeze or terminate user accounts and funds authorized by law to be cancelled or investigated.

7. Privacy Statement
Access to this service requires submission of some personally identifiable information. Please read the BWFX privacy statement published on the official website to get a summary of BWFX's practices related to the collection and use of personally identifiable information.

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