BWFX Exchanges Behavior Supervision Standards and Handling Procedures for Abnormal Trading Banks

Dear BWFX users:

In order to standardize market trading behavior and protect investors' rights and interests, BWFX Exchange has issued the Regulation Standards and Handling Procedures for Abnormal Trading Banks. The risk control system will judge users who use multiple accounts and devices for illegal arbitrage (including but not limited to handling fees, rebates, hedging, etc.) through multi-dimensional feature recognition, and the platform will take corresponding measures for users who are detected by the system for illegal arbitrage (including but not limited to titles, freezing assets, recovering commissions, restricting login, real-name authentication, canceling economic and business qualifications, etc.).

I. List of abnormal trading behaviors of the Exchange
High-frequency brushing and malicious brushing fees;
2. Arbitrage on knocking, hedging and AB warehouse trading;
3. Ultra-short line operation;
4. Damage other users or platforms by taking advantage of loopholes in this service or other unreasonable means.

Second, the transaction characteristics of high-frequency brushing and malicious brushing fees
With the help of the rebate mechanism of exchange users' handicap, trading arbitrage or fee arbitrage is carried out by using ultra-high-frequency transactions. A single account with 100-150 transactions per day (two transactions for opening and closing positions) will be characterized as high-frequency billing, and a single account with more than 150 transactions per day will be characterized as malicious billing.

Third, the characteristics of hedging, hedging and AB warehouse transactions
Using the same account, or multiple related accounts, the same variety, different directions and similar proportion of lots in the same time period, using manual or pending orders to open positions and close positions, thus using the system mechanism to carry out arbitrage.

Fourth, the behavior characteristics of ultra-short-term operation transactions
In a very short time (within 3 minutes), the trading account will be characterized as ultra-short-term trading.

* Special note: The specific parameters mentioned above are only used as one of the reference standards. The risk control technology of the platform will be automatically identified based on the transaction behavior data, and the final interpretation right of all kinds of violations belongs to the platform. If you have doubts about the account being prohibited from trading, you can contact the online customer service of the platform at any time.

Risk warning: Digital asset is an innovative product, and its price fluctuates greatly. Please judge your risk-taking ability rationally and make a prudent decision.